This is My Story.

As a child of my age, I always knew something was inherently wrong with the world of fashion.

I watched my friends compare themselves to the models in the magazines. I didn’t know what to say, so I froze instead. I wanted to tell them they were beautiful and perfect just the way they were, but I couldn’t find the words and I knew they wouldn’t be able to hear this truth… the external pressures to look a certain way were too big. Instead of trying to make them understand about their beauty, i decided to join fashion field after my graduation to solve this query.. After i joined fashion field, i decided to work online to spread knowledge about fashion in life in different fields like fashion in clothing, fashion in kitchen, fashion in home wear, fashion in jewelry etc.

My mission is to empower fashion trends, creators, and brands just like you to grow your business through empathetic listening, deeper understanding, and true connection.